This was a weekend workshop with The Rodina assisting us to think of our thesis in a different format – performance. It was a really interesting experience, I also get to hear a thorough explanation of how they connect performance art with Graphic Design. During their public lecture, there was a interesting conversation about why they consider themselves as graphic designer instead of artist. The answer they gave was that they take suggestion about their projects and there is always conversation happening while developing them.

For my performance, situation setup, I want to experiment my thesis about evolution. I would like to explore how things can evolve in 5 minutes. After having meeting with the Rodina, instead of the natural selection I landed on having viewers as the selection force and the society issues as the genetic flow. I developed different shape related to each issue and ask the audience to vote for the evolution of the new species. I got to design the beginning of the performance but the outcome was unexpected and decided by the viewers.

While having the performance, I realised there are some problem with the voting system that can be refined in the future. I like the part that I got to included others in the process and this make me think of what I would like to explore in my thesis. Science can sometime be too focusing on telling the discovery and truth and it might lose the emotion factor. How can I make Science and Biology more approachable and less intimidating, biological discovery could be interesting if it is communicated in the right way. How can I develop the graphic design language to translate scientific world while doing some interesting experiment by myself will be on my list to do.

The other part about the essence of evolution is the transition. During the performance, Tereza mentioned that building up the species in front of people is important and they got to see the process of it. I should keep in mind about how to show the transformation and make good record of the evolution idea.


Shape sketches


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