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Weaving in Analogue and Digital Code

This week course is really interesting because I get to learn about weaving in both historical crafting way and modern digital platform. Weaving in Grasshopper & Rhino Apart from overwhelming by the logistic thinking behind Grasshopper, what gave me a strong impression of the building process is that we are building pattern within patterns. Just…

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Generative Algorithms

The idea of transforming handcraft weaving into a digital realm is really interesting. However, when it comes to the grasshopper part, it is hard to just imagine that in mind. More thought will come after I get to try this in grasshopper. Note from reading: Transferring a material system into digital parametric realm. Loom Weaving…

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The Fundamental Constructions

The article covers thoroughly about the basic structure of weaving and what are the different functionality of it. The opening of the article is really interesting and I think it relates to the essence of our discussion through the course. The structure of a fabric or its weave is as much a determining factor in its…

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The Sympathy of Things

Spuybroek starts with talking about Ruskin’s argument with industrialism and parallels this to his own connection of Gothic to the critique of modernism. While focusing on the concept and historical architecture, Spuybroek approaches it with a digital eye. Even though I am familiar with the Gothic architecture, it was always about the aesthetic part and this…

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Science and art tend to coalesce in aethetics, plasticity, and form.
The greatest scientist are artists as well.
_Albert Einstein