Great news! Arushi, Cheryl and I decided to collaborate together. With the collaboration, we get to combine our interest and make our project more refined to use our different skill set.

For our first idea draft, we are thinking of using insect as a metaphor and how we reach that point is documented in another journal. With the form of insect, we would like to talk about air, water, and light, elements that are crucial for living.

initial sketch of our final fabrication

During our meeting with Annet, Ryan, and Margaret, they mentioned that we can think in an even smaller spectrum, microbes. Perhaps it would also be possible to implement the technique of bioluminescent. We are also reminded to think of the tangibility of our final product.

While having a second meeting with Alan and Vic to talk about the reality of building bug-like machines, they ask a really good question of what is the purpose of creating this? Instead of just creating interesting mechanical work, what can we design to create impact? Maybe each element can be a solution to certain environmental issues nowadays.

Here are some of the quick ideas we had after the meetings:

  • Air → air pollution
  • Water → transporting water, water purification
  • Light → energy shortage, solar panels, light pollution

Also, when in nature, everything has connections with other elements. For example, using UV light for creating clean water is related to both water and light. We could think more about the cycle in natural world.

How to make our ideas more concrete and what is the story we want to tell? Is something we should discuss more before the presentation. However, we enjoy back and forth discussion with each other!

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