Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s Design for the Sixth Extinction is questioning about the biodiversity of the future and the possible extinction caused by humans. This is a speculative design project, focusing on how might scientists and designers utilize biosynthesis to create species to remedy the imminent extinction.

Nowadays, monoculture farming has become a significant model for the economic reason, and we are losing biodiversity by choice. It seems like sometimes, the human selection is overpowering the natural selection, and we are sending ourselves to a predictable problematic future.

Can we ‘preserve’ by looking forward? The sixth great extinction event in the history of biology is underway, and we humans may be its cause.

Science and design have been working together tightly on speculating the future society and possible solution. I think these designs play an important role in raising awareness. Even they are mostly based on guessing, they do have strong supportive data. They also create conversation and make us reflect on our own behavior. There are cases that the imaginations from artists and designers provide a new angle of thinking for scientific research, like the E. chromi. But I believe the ideal situation is to let these speculative biosynthetic design could bring up the awareness and trigger changes before the real problems happen. Let all these intriguing pieces stay in the exhibition and conversation, and hope that we would never have to use them for the damage that we make.

For the final project of this class. I would like to explore the possibility of speculating future situation, analyze what the causes are and what could be the possible new species to save the damage. Through creating the new species, can I stimulate conversation and awareness?


Image credit – Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg


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