When you compress the formation of the earth and lives into 24 hours, human beings appeared at the last 20 seconds. Compare to the evolution, we are just a tiny part of nature, and there are lots of creatures ahead of us that develop their way of surviving. Supposedly, we share all the resource on Earth with other species. However, because of the industrialization, urbanization and the development of technology and digital era, we exploit water, land and pollute the air. Our behavior accelerates the distinction of creatures. Most of the time we focus on the bigger scale like mammals, rhinos and polar bears. But at the same time, we are losing the biodiversity of insect. In the past 600 years, 44,000 kinds of insect went through distinction, and it is at least ten times more than mammals. However, only around seventy cases were documented. We are all part of the ecosystem, missing any portion of the member could result in impacts on the rest of the system.

What if one day when all insects were distinct, we as human beings would also have to bear the consequences.

All the smaller scale species are still crucial to us; compare to the universe, we are just as little as the insect. For the project, we would like to emulate the form and motion of insects to represent three of the essential elements for lives – air, water, and light. Through the idea of biomimicry and digital fabrication, we build up interactive pieces for audiences to rethink our relationships with nature. More importantly, to remind ourselves to be humble when it comes to nature, the master maker.

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