Note from reading:

Cybernetics: The study of effective messages of control.
Cybernetics: Scientific study of humans, animals and machines control and communicate with each other.

Understanding how a machine might think was a way of humanising both the machine itself and the economy of which it was a part, and thus remediating the problems wrought by the mechanisation of labor.

Feedback? applied both to automated system or a whole social fabric.

Input creates output. If there is looping in the system, the output influences subsequent input, kind of like chain reaction.
Craftsmanship could be considered to operate on the principle of internal coherence, within the making, the step just keep evolving form the previous. It is often to be called as subconscious, instinctive or experimental, one just naturally follow another.

Weiner’s cybernetics was intended as a structural theory that would help us understand and their interconnectedness in society.
Technology had to be guided by goals of social reform and integration.

Control, in other words, is nothing but the sending of messages which effectively change the behaviour of the recipient.

Machine with preset machine, in which the past activity has nothing to do with the pattern of its future activity. There is a message but it stops after it is sent to the machine,  it is only one-way stage of communication.
For human and creatures, our bodies is able to sense the external world and react to our own behaviour. There is constant information exchange on both ways, and it is only through organs that anything like a skill is possible.
Present day machines have sense organs, receipting messages coming from the outside. The machines is conditioned by its relation to the external world. The machines which act on the external world by means of messages.

Input: The combination of the data introduced.
Output: To obtain an effect on the outer world.
Memory: Both of the data put in at the moment and of the records taken from the past.
Taping: Data with are fed in and which indicate the mode of operation.

Human and animals have kinaesthetic sense that they keep a record of position and tensions of their muscles.
For machine to a varied external environment, in order to act effectively it is necessary that information and results has multiple layers and is not decided by just one input. This control of a machine on the basis of its actual performance rather than its expected performance is know as feedback. It is like when certain input is fulfilled then create output. It involves sensory members which are actuated by motor members and perform the function of tell-tales or monitors.

The existence of the feedback will increase the stability of performance. When there is constant feedback sending input and output, it kind of allow the formation of dynamic equilibrium.

The operation of the living individual and the operation of some of the newer communication machines are precisely parallel. Both have sensory receptors for collecting information from the outer world at low energy levels. These external messages are not taken neat, but thought internal transforming powers of the apparatus. Information is then turned into a new form available for the further stages of performance. Their performed action rather than the intended action on the outer world is reported back to the central regulatory apparatus. This behaviour happen in a natural or undetected way that we ignored it but should be important for habitual analysis of society.

For some people aiming for high power and control, they won’t want the two way communication to happen. They prefer orders come from above and none return. The book is a protest against this inhuman use of human beings, if it is not able to allow people to attribute his full status, it is a degradation and a waste.

How can we respect human value and encourage people to attribute the most out of their ability?

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