During the class, we were looking at Anni Albers’ pattern sketches and it really amazed me. I am especially attracted by how systematic or modular form can then produce infinity. The simple 0/1 or up/down binary language is translated into patterns. All these notes from the weaver make me think of how people communicate before internet and images. Information could be translated into more universal language.

I remember from our reading of the Sympathy of things, we were talking about nature has a great collection of patterns and how patterns are kind of byproducts of functions. This idea triggers me to think of what if patterns can be generated through a natural code? Or what if I translate natural code into another visual language? Just like how DNA is transcripted to RNA then translated to protein.

The form of the waving system, and also the pencil sketches remind me of one of the books I found and it’s called DNA Semantics by Gregor Mobius.


In this book, he creates a system to translate DNA and RNA code and produces a series of patterns out of genetic information. I am really impressed by how simple the idea is, yet it allows him to create an aesthetically engaging form. This also makes me think that maybe I can think of biological fact and information in a different way. This is also part of my goal for the class and my own thesis. Since I am trying to be a designer and mainly trying to communicate visually, how can I build up my visual system while translating Science and Biology?


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