The idea of transforming handcraft weaving into a digital realm is really interesting. However, when it comes to the grasshopper part, it is hard to just imagine that in mind. More thought will come after I get to try this in grasshopper.

Note from reading:

Transferring a material system into digital parametric realm.



Weaving process:

  1. Shedding: Rising of a group of warps to create shed and the weft is passed with Shuttle. Yarns are hung by Heddles connected to Harnesses that move up and down and make shed repeatedly.
  2. Picking: Single crossing of the shuttle, laying down a layer of weft.
  3. Battening: Another frame called Reed. it tightens the weft into the edge of woven and unwoven warps. The line between woven and the rest of warps called Fell.

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