I am now in Graphic Design MFA program, before starting my grad school I have a bachelor degree in Biochemistry. The field of design and science may seem uniquely distinct but in my world, they share significant similarities. Their nexus involves problem solving and seeking the best solution through similar processes but different applications. My experience also push my own practice into a multidisciplinary direction. I would like to explore more about how I can transform the idea and mechanism in Biochemistry into design with a more approachable yet still intellectual language. That is why I am really excited to be in the class, I believe it can help me broaden my idea of what is design and what I can contribute as a designer with all my interests and background.

We mentioned about the connection between art, crafts and design in the beginning of the class. Most of my previous projects were done digitally but I always enjoy the process of making. While making, it allows me to make my concept physical and tangible. I am looking forward to all the intense technique input and see how I will evolve with all these new forces.


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